A gift with soul

Would you secretly like to be a DJ?

This Christmas, Chiltern Music Therapy (Chiltern) are giving people the opportunity to buy DJ lessons. In return, they will put the profit from these towards music therapy, music production and DJ sessions for children and young people with additional needs.

Do you know someone keen to learn to DJ for the first time or who wants to revisit soundtracks from their youth? Or are you interested in mixing the latest tracks and tunes to impress your friends? The Chiltern DJ lessons will make the perfect gift for your loved ones and even as a cheeky present for yourself.

People’s chosen genres and preferred styles of music will be incorporated into the sessions and no previous experience is necessary and the Chiltern DJs will bring all the equipment needed for the lessons. Rosie Axon, Director of Chiltern Music Therapy, is pleased to launch this new initiative just in time for Christmas.

She said: ‘We want to make Christmas shopping easier for people this year by not only providing a unique gift but one that in return will make you feel warm and fuzzy because you will be helping to provide music therapy sessions to children with additional needs. You will be giving a gift with soul.’

Info: To find out more about booking lessons with Chiltern and their not-for-profit work, visit

November 29, 2017