Football charity’s goals

Friends in Football at Risborough

A newly formed charity is asking everyone who is a friend of Risborough, its schools and football to join it.

Friends in Football in Risborough (FIFAR) is the newly formed club which aims to help raise money to support the growing needs of the club, support local schools and ultimately support children within Risborough.

Here’s how to join: Go to and click on join and then follow the process.

Organisers say: “Once we get sufficient numbers we will be able to make a difference for the cost of less than £0.03 per day per year but we need everyone to join to make this work. Hence for such a little cost we need large numbers. Our target is to have 500 members and within RRJFC [Risborough Rangers Junior Football Club] we have over 500 children therefore if every parent can join then this target is achievable.”

August 10, 2017