Rosy outlook for park

Alfred Rose Memorial Park

Ongoing improvements to Aylesbury’s Alfred Rose Memorial Park are making it an increasingly pleasant place for recreation, play, exercise and relaxation.

The majority of footpaths have been replaced to make the park safer and more accessible for all users. Entrances have also been improved through the use of higher quality paving to make the park more welcoming. AVDC plans to put further enhancements in place, including tree, shrub and hedge planting, a new play area, benches, bins and seating.

Chris Ashton, Parks Officer, said: “It’s great news that this major piece of work in the park has now been completed. Local residents can now enjoy a safer and more pleasant environment. It also demonstrates AVDC’s commitment to maintaining and updating its parks and open spaces.”

The site was formerly pasture land under the name ‘Crown Leys’. The land was given to Aylesbury by Alfred Rose, mayor between 1931 and 1932, in 1942.

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July 31, 2017