Ancient trees protected

Burnham Beeches has woodland that dates from the Iron Age with trees that are hundreds of years old. It has been designated a special area of conservation and will be further protected by Buckinghamshire Council, which has adopted strict building protocols near the boundary of the woodland following consultation with local people over July and August.

With the new building protocols in place the council will ensure the following:

There will be a presumption against building any additional homes within 500 metres of the boundary of the beeches, to prevent harm from additional trampling and pollution on plant life by people and dogs.

Any additional homes built more than 500 metres and up to 5.6 kilometres (3.5 miles) from the boundary of the beeches will need to contribute financially to education, monitoring and survey projects.

These projects will be designed to help reduce any likely harm to the beeches and are set out in a supplementary planning document.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning & Enforcement, Buckinghamshire Council said: ‘This new strategy provides an open and transparent system of mitigation to protect and enhance the very special qualities of Burnham Beeches and will ensure that any new development within the 5.6km will contribute to their future protection.’