Born to be wild

The Little Car Company – Bicester-based manufacturers of hand-built electric scaled motors – has launched a full-sized car that is born to be wild.

Based on the original Tamiya Wild One radio-controlled car – first released in 1985 – the Tamiya Wild One MAX has been relaunched as a limited-number, full-scale vehicle and is now on sale worldwide, with road legal versions available for customers in the UK and EU.

The cockpit has been widened to comfortably accommodate two adult passengers.

Once 100 launch edition examples are accounted for, the company will offer the standard vehicles at the same price and in an unlimited number.

CEO Ben Hedley said: ‘In my opinion, modern cars are now too large, too fast, too complicated, and too heavy – we believe that there is an alternative. Our goal is to create innovative lightweight vehicles which bring the purity and fun back into driving.’

Production of the car will start in early 2024, delivered to customers fully built.

Prices start from £35,000.