Gifts for kids boost

Buckinghamshire people have been more generous than ever in support of the 2020 annual Christmas present appeal for the county's disadvantaged children - raising a total of £

Post-lockdown sales

Bargain-hunters seeking a good deal now that lockdown has ended are being urged to visit two charity shops brimming with stock.

Santa's early visit

Buckinghamshire's Christmas present appeal got some extra special support on Friday when Santa himself arrived early with a special delivery of gifts to Buckinghamshire Counci

All libraries reopen

All 29 libraries in Buckinghamshire are now open again for book borrowing in person. The first libraries reopened on 6 July, when government restrictions were lifted, and the

A vintage Christmas

With less than 16 weeks to go, Father Christmas has found time to take up residence again at Bletchley Park’s Vintage 1940s Grotto - the former top-secret home of Britain’s World War Two codebreak

Kids on the move

One of the best ways to help children is to get them moving. B

WhizzFizzFest to return

Aylesbury’s WhizzFizzFest returns on Saturday June 22 next year. The spectacular La Voix (pictured) from Aylesbury Waterside Theatre’s Peter Pan Christmas production was on hand to

Holiday boredom busters

Busting boredom happens this summer holiday as Aylesbury Thursday children’s events return to the town centre.Market Square and Kingsbury will play host to an amazing array of different fun acti

Play area opens

Children affected by cancer will now be able to play in the fresh air and enjoy other recreational activities in a safe environment