Caught cold on camera

It difficult to think about freezing winters shortly after an unseasonal heatwave, but Thame is forward planning.

This winter people will be able to borrow a thermal imaging camera from Thame Town Hall to track down the draughts around their house or office.

Following Cosy Thame’s successful pilot project last winter using a thermal imaging camera borrowed from South Oxfordshire District Council, Thame now has one of its own, thanks to a grant secured by Thame Green Living.

Councillor David Dawson from Cosy Thame said: ‘The camera is great for showing where you’ve got badly fitting doors, or radiators without insulation behind them leaking heat out into the street.

‘We were able to help nearly 30 households examine their heat wastage last winter. That was despite having to wait for the camera to become available. Now Thame has its own camera we’re hoping many more households will benefit from this useful piece of equipment.’

The camera works best when there is a temperature difference of at least 16c between inside and outside the house and the heating is on.

So if someone is heating their home to 20c, then it needs to be 4c or less outside for the camera to work properly.

To make best use of the camera, Cosy Thame is training a number of Thermal Imaging Champions. There are two workshops ready to book at the Thame Barns Centre. They are on 8 November and 7 December, starting at 6.30pm.

To have a house checked out for heat leaks, make a donation of £10 to Thame Green Living and make a date for one of the Thermal Imaging Champions to visit. Email to go on the waiting list.