Charity rebrands

For the past 34 years Thame and District Day Centre, a registered charity, has been a well loved and respected part of the Community of Thame. Now it has been rebranded Thame Senior Friendship Centre to help boost its popularity and get its message across.

The most significant change before the current pandemic was the move to the new Cricket Pavilion from Thame Community Hospital. The hospital needed more clinical space and having a larger space for the charity would provide an opportunity to support a larger number of members.

When the Day Centre started it was part of Age Concern and since then there have been significant changes in health care in conjunction with the needs and expectations of the elderly community of Thame.

Now the centre is an independent charity it is important to continue to reflect members’ needs to ensure they continue to live independently. The new name of ‘Thame Senior Friendship Centre’ will help it do this.

The charity closed on 17 March due to Covid-19 and there is as yet no date for reopening due to current restrictions.

However, whilst it has been closed, it is in contact with all its members to make sure they are fit and well.

The staff, volunteers and trustees have continued to work during the closure to support those isolated within the community and this has also afforded them the time to rebrand, print new leaflets and create a new website which will allow forms to be completed online.

Via the website visitors will see links to join the South Oxfordshire Lottery, donate via Givey and via purchases from Amazon smile.

The aims, and values of the centre are the same as the day it started in 1986. A friendly space in which to socialise is the key to helping tackle one of the biggest challenges as we grow older – loneliness.

Thame Senior Friendship Centre provides a welcome to everyone on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and can arrange transport through volunteers and much more.

On arrival, members get a cup of tea or coffee and a chance to catch up with and interact with other members. Some of the members like to chat and try puzzles, jigsaws or some like to play games such as indoor curling. At lunchtime, members are offered a glass of sherry and a two- course lunch, followed by afternoon entertainment.

Providing this key service cannot exist without the support of the rest of the community in the form of grants, donations, volunteer helpers and drivers.