Future homes plan

A wide-ranging, five-year housing strategy has been revealed.

It sets out the council’s vision, priorities and actions to meet current and future housing needs and challenges in the county.

Developed with the input and support of a wide range of people, the strategy has been agreed with housing associations, developers and community groups.

Buckinghamshire Council has created three key priorities:

* A strong housing offer: The vision is to provide affordable, accessible, sustainable, and suitable housing choices for all life stages. It recognises that a safe and secure home is fundamental to quality of life, public health, and economic prosperity.
* Better homes: The council says it is dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of existing homes. Through targeted investments, it aims to enhance living conditions and create interesting communities.
* New homes: The strategy emphasises the importance of affordable, accessible, and appropriate new housing. Through collaboration, the council says it will ensure that residents find homes that meet their needs and aspirations.

Mark Winn, the council’s cabinet member for homelessness and regulatory services, said: ‘It is vital for the growth of our economy and the welfare of our residents that everyone has access to a safe, secure, and suitable home. Our Housing Strategy sets out how we plan to achieve this over the next five years.

‘This is our first countywide Housing Strategy and is the result of extensive public consultation and collaboration.’

Visit the council’s website to view the full Housing Strategy document.