Kids on the move

Leap - a game for parents and toddlers

One of the best ways to help children is to get them moving. But it can sometimes be hard to know what to do and how to keep little ones interested and involved. 

The Move aims to improve games as part of a full programme now being taught in nurseries, pre-school and primary schools across Buckinghamshire. It is now available as a free resource for parents, who can can find games to play indoor, outside, in groups small or large. It all comes with easy-to-follow instructions and video demos from local parents and children.

By practising skills such as hopping, balancing, throwing and dribbling, people can help children to become experienced in these essential movements. This will support their natural development in school and in life.
Organisers say: ‘If you are ready for some fun, then find a game that appeals.’


April 10, 2019