Lynx pair enter the Dragon

Green Dragon Eco Farm has showcased its latest additions to the Wildlife Zone – Carpathian Lynx (pictured) – which are the highlight of their summer holiday offer.

The young lynx, named Toma and Codrin, are brothers that were born on 17 May 2018. They are quickly settling in to their new home in Hogshaw, Buckingham (near Quainton), at the Lynx Habitat, which is a 320 sq m, purpose-built enclosure that is 5m high and enhanced with planting and natural climbing structures.

Recently arrived from Newquay Zoo, Toma and Codrin will be part of a European breeding programme for endangered species. At some stage during their development, the brothers will be separated in order to replace one with a female lynx for breeding purposes.

The lynx is a large, powerfully built cat that ambushes its prey – anything from small rodents to reindeer. Once common throughout the mountainous regions of Europe, it has soft thick hair that protects it from freezing cold winters.

The Carpathian Lynx is a sub-species of Eurasian Lynx found in the Carpathian Basin of Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, where it is threatened by habitat destruction caused by illegal logging in the forests that cover its mountain home. The World Wildlife Fund is addressing these problems by focusing its efforts on securing critical corridors and conservation areas in this region.

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