Historic signs

Parsons Fee's new look sign with Diana Fawcett and David Vowles

Aylesbury Old Town has received an early Christmas present as 24 new, traditional-style street signs were installed on walls and railings, helping to maintain and celebrate the area’s historic character.

David Vowles approached the district council on behalf of the Aylesbury Old Town Residents Association to ask if Old Town streets with missing or worn signs, or out of place modern street signs could have ones more in keeping with the conservation area, extending a similar project that took place in 1992.

The idea met the goals of Aylesbury’s Town Centre Plan for the Old Town, which is to preserve and enhance the area’s history and heritage, so the council led the initiative to make his vision a reality.

Surviving originals were studied and replicas made that gave a heritage look and feel but with modern durable materials and anti-theft stainless steel fixings. The £7,400 cost was covered by Aylesbury Land Use Transport Strategy funds, which can be used to help navigation around the town centre.

Diana Fawcett, Aylesbury Town Centre and Regeneration Manager, revealed one of the new signs to David Vowles on behalf of everyone involved (see picture).

She said: ‘It’s fantastic that we were able to make David’s great idea come true. We always welcome suggestions that celebrate and improve the town centre’s environment, and installing these beautiful street signs is a simple but effective way of ensuring The Old Town’s historic character is around for years to come.’

Mr Vowles said: ‘This is a simple way to reinforce our local heritage while helping visitors to find their way around the town centre and a welcome enhancement to the area.’

December 19, 2018