Parking: A new vision for travel in county

February 24, 2024 Community,Tourism,Transport,Travel

A vision of improved parking across the county has been revealed.

Buckinghamshire Council has ambitions for a new parking strategy, which sets out how the service will develop in coming years.

Steven Broadbent, deputy leader and cabinet member for transport said: ‘Our parking offer must be right for the future and our communities and must be financially sustainable. This vision sets out how we plan to do that.’

From embracing new technology to providing customers with greater choice and flexibility and from streamlining parking charges to promoting greater safety and reducing congestion, the document starts to align different on and off-street arrangements into one strategy which covers the whole county. It was agreed by Buckinghamshire Council’s cabinet this week.

Key aims within the strategy include:

* A commitment to maintaining the upkeep of quality parking provision across the county;
* Working to ensure the council’s parking operations are fully self-funded, as is required legally;
* Exploring ways to give people flexibility in parking options across the county;
* Intelligent use of parking enforcement to ensure effective operation locally and county-wide;
* A gradual transition to online/digital payments for all parking while maintaining cash payments for as long as economically possible in existing locations;
* Ensuring residents and customers are kept fully informed of changes.

One of the first actions the council is taking is signing up to the National Parking Platform, a Department for Transport pilot scheme.

It aims to provide greater flexibility in paying for parking while providing value for money.

The scheme will be piloted in council car parks in Wycombe and will allow customers to choose through which supplier they buy their parking time.

Mr Broadbent added: ‘Since becoming a unitary authority in 2020 we have been working hard to reduce inconsistencies across the county.

‘We have looked at how we can make improvements, listening to what people have said and analysing trends and data to come up with this vision.’