Planning crackdown

Buckinghamshire Council has issued the highest number of planning enforcement notices outside of London, according to the latest national data.

Peter Strachan, the council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, said: ‘Clamping down on planning breaches was a key manifesto commitment and this record clearly shows we’re delivering on this.’

A planning enforcement notice is issued when an individual or developer is found to be in breach of planning control – it might be that someone has carried out works without planning permission when it was needed, or that they’ve done something that wasn’t within what is allowable.

The number has been revealed in a government table recently released to show how councils performed during 2021/22.

It is a key priority for the council to clamp down on breaches of planning control. The aim is to intervene at the earliest opportunity to seek a remedy for the planning breach as quickly as possible.

The council has also served the highest number of ‘breaches of condition’ notices in the whole country.

Mr Strachan added: ‘It’s essential that anyone carrying out works or a project that falls under planning rules is familiar with the process and gets all the necessary permissions.

‘I’m really proud of our overall performance where planning is concerned – we manage around 13,000 planning applications a year and where we find a breach, we will act on it. We are continuing to increase the formal actions we take, and pleasingly, we are also continuing to see an increase in case resolutions.’