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STEMroller action

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) jobs are of ever increasing importance, from people who design a self-driving car to cutting edge medical developments to the person who prevents your computer from being hacked. All are STEM roles. By 2023 there are expected to be 142,000 extra jobs in STEM and it is predicted that all jobs in the near future will have an element of STEM.

So how can Roller Derby – said to be the fastest growing female sport in the world – have anything to do with girls and STEM? People can discover how on Saturday March 9 at Wycombe Leisure Centre, where Roller Derby and STEM collide (STEMroller) at this family friendly event for parents and guardians with girls aged between 14 and 19.

Karen Ironside, Enterprise Co-ordinator for the Bucks Skills Hub, said: ‘Bucks Skills Hub, organisers of the Bucks Skills Show, are very excited to be involved in STEMroller. STEMroller is a fantastic opportunity for the girls of Buckinghamshire and beyond to be inspired into considering roles in STEM.’

Karen added: ‘Between now and 2023, 142,000 new roles in STEM will be created. Through this event, the girls will get to meet female professionals from a wide range of STEM industries all and hopefully be inspired by someone just like them. Roller Derby is also super exciting, very dramatic and is a great opportunity to see this rapidly growing game live in action.’

Roller Derby (see action picture, above) is a full contact sport on quad roller skates, described as ‘exciting and inspiring to watch’. Expect apex jumps, whips, pushes, high speed falls, agility and strategy. Many of the referees, players and non-skating officials have played at a high level, some representing their country, others officiating at Roller Derby world cups.

The STEM professionals attending on the day have a wide variety of jobs: Analytical Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, App Tester, Systems Manager, Materials Science Quality Engineer, Trampoline Lighting Programme, Construction company owner, RAF Puma Helicopter Engineer, Tech Lawyer, Apprentice Electrician, Human Factors Researcher, Nuclear Medicine Clinical Scientist, Astronomer.

This Bucks Skills Hub event as part of British Science Week will enable female students to be impressed by the athletic ability of at least 30 female STEM ‘roll’ models. This is followed by a speed networking event.

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February 3, 2019