Sporting chance

WheelPower’s forthcoming disability sports event campaigns are starting soon at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. Here is a list of them, with full details of dates and events.

WheelPower’s Get Active Camp for adults kicks off on 2 November at the stadium from 9.30am (registration deadline is 26 Oct). Contact Emily Weller, Sports Development Officer, for more information or to sign up. Email: [email protected] or call (01296) 395995.

These events are said to be a good way for adults with a disability to discover sport and physical activity in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment and all activity is adapted to suit individual abilities. They are also a great way to make new friends, improve health and have fun, say the organisers.

WheelPower’s Feel Inspired Junior Sports Camp gets under way at Cambridge University Sports Hall on 12 November 2019 from 9.30am (registration deadline is 1 Nov). Contact Emily Weller (details above).

WheelPower Feel Inspired Primary Sports Camp happens at the stadium on 5 February 2020 from 9.30am. (Registration deadline is 31 Jan). Contact Emily Weller..

WheelPower’s Feel Inspired Junior Sports Camp arrives at the stadium on 6 February from 9.30am. (Registration deadline is 31 Jan). Contact Emily Weller.

WheelPower’s Inter Spinal Unit Games, sponsored by Coloplast, returns to the stadium from April 20-April 24. Contact Emily Weller.

The Inter Spinal Unit Games sponsored by Coloplast, form an essential part of many hospital patient’s rehabilitation. The Games are held annually at Stoke Mandeville Stadium and 100 patients and 60 support staff from 14 spinal injury centres and specialist units across the UK, with coaches and officials, attend the Games.

WheelPower’s National Junior Games 2020 returns to the stadium from 5 Oct 2020 – 8 Oct 2020. Contact Emily Weller.



October 18, 2019