Stolen treasure found

A precious treasure stolen from Waddesdon Manor has been recovered after turning up at a regional auction house in the UK.

The gold box (pictured) has been identified by a team at Art Loss Register, which carries out ‘due diligence’ checks on items for sale.

The gold box was one of more than 100 such items and other precious objects which disappeared after a break-in and theft at the Manor in Buckinghamshire back in 2003.

A masked gang in blue boiler suits smashed their way through a window and within minutes had made off with the items.

The stolen treasures – mainly 18th-century French pieces, along with some English – were of high value. Few of them have been recovered.

The box has now been returned to Waddesdon and will go on display from 27 April in the Rothschild Treasury, a gallery that houses more than 300 objects made from rare and precious materials that celebrates the famous family as collectors of extraordinary objects.