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Swanning around

May 16, 2022 Uncategorised

The Buckinghamshire Swan Envoy Scheme officially launched at Pinewood Studios with the first 12 Swan Envoys inaugurated into their new role.

From influential community leaders to much-loved local celebrities, each envoy has one thing in common – they are an inspiring individual who are committed to helping to promote Bucks as a great place to grow, live and work.

The new scheme, developed by Buckinghamshire Council alongside the Lord Lieutenancy, is designed to harness the influence and enthusiasm of individual Swans to inspire and encourage others.

The twelve new Swan Envoys are:

  • April Benson
  • Jane Campbell
  • Andy Collins
  • Keyaan Hameed
  • Karen Irons
  • Lorraine Kelly CBE
  • Sir David Lidington
  • Martin McElhatton OBE
  • Pauline Quirk
  • Alice Rose
  • John Shaw
  • Angela Spang

Council leader Martin Tett said: ‘I’m delighted to welcome our founding Swan Envoys. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their willingness to share what I know is some of their very valuable and limited time, to support, motivate and showcase the great people and communities that we have in our special county.’

At the inauguration ceremony, the Swan Envoys were introduced by Martin Tett and council Chief Executive, Rachael Shimmin. They were each presented with their personal Swan pin badge and a certificate by the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, The Countess Howe.