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Time-lapse cameras go live for development of UK's first eco-town

The development of the UK’s first eco-town is to be captured on film. Two time-lapse cameras have gone live at the giant North West Bicester scheme to coincide with the start of construction work.

Time-lapse photography specialist Regenology has installed cameras as work starts on the first phase of NW Bicester, known as the Exemplar. In total, up to 6,000 new homes will be built during the next 20-30 years. The initial stage will include 393 true zero carbon homes and amenities including a shop, eco-pub, community centre and primary school.

Each home will be designed to maximise sustainability through various initiatives such as insulation, the installation of solar panels to generate electricity and using a combined heat and power plant to provide heat and hot water. Every home will be built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5.

A2Dominion, a housing provider and property developer, appointed Regenology to manage the time-lapse cameras project. The Exemplar phase is due to last five years.

Richard Overton, managing director of Regenology, said: “It is one of the most exciting and innovative construction schemes in the UK and it will be fantastic to be able to capture its progression on film.”

Regenology has offices in London, Bedford and Cheshire and its time-lapse cameras can be found on many of the biggest regeneration and construction projects in the UK. Apart from NW Bicester, it is currently assigned to projects including Battersea and Bracknell regenerations and the Aldgate public realm improvement works in the City of London.

The company’s innovative time-lapse system generates high definition footage that is ideal for historical documentation, promotional films, DVDs as well as being streamed direct from customers’ websites. Regeneration bodies and construction companies find time-lapse an important tool in their community involvement strategies.

Richard added: “More than 90 per cent of our work is regeneration and construction focussed and we are picking up exciting new business all the time. Our extensive experience means we have the know-how needed for complex and demanding projects including large scale regeneration and construction projects requiring multiple cameras and lasting many years.”

In addition to its UK projects, Regenology has also worked extensively abroad including South Korea, France and Holland. Other services offered by the company include video production, aerial film and photography and web cams. In addition to regeneration and construction clients, the firm provides services to some of the UK’s top TV and film production companies.