Town centre regeneration begins!

Construction work for Aylesbury Vale District Council’s new development in the Exchange Street car park will start on Monday, January 9th, with AVDC’s chosen development partner for the scheme, Durkan Ltd.

The new development will provide Aylesbury town centre with its first purpose-built mixed restaurant and residential development, reflecting how modern town centres are changing to meet a demand for more town centre homes and leisure dining.

The development will take place at the top end of the Exchange Street car park, opposite the cinema. It will create four new restaurants with 47 one- and two-bedroom apartments above them and a new public square funded by a grant from the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership. Additional flexible commercial space will be built facing Long Lional.

The development means that the Exchange Street car park will lose around 120 parking spaces from Tuesday January 10th. However, most of these have already been offset by the new car park adjacent to the site, which was opened last year by Bucks County Council. All the existing disabled bays from the Exchange Street car park will be relocated within the development and a number of 30-minute short stay and market trader van bays will be relocated, too.

During the construction period, about 30 additional parking spaces will be temporarily lost to allow the construction traffic access. On Monday work will begin, as revisions to the white lining of bays starts.

Cllr Neil Blake, Leader of Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: “This new development is an important stage within Aylesbury Town Centre’s regeneration and it is with great anticipation that we see the development start. The Exchange will help provide Aylesbury with the facilities required in a modern town centre, giving both residents and visitors more reason to come into the town.”