Town goes green

Healthier lifestyles, more green spaces and more connected communities – these are just some of the outcomes that the Thame Green Living Plan is aiming to achieve for the town’s community.

Adopted unanimously by the town council in July 2020, the plan is a ten-year blueprint for a cleaner, greener Thame.

It has been developed to protect and enhance quality of life for everyone locally in the things that really matter – air, water, overall well-being and the natural world. It has benefited from the contributions of many individuals and local groups.

While concentrating on Thame, the plan explicitly recognises the vital importance of the town’s links with its surrounding communities and countryside.

The plan recommends a series of actions and projects across five focus areas – green spaces and biodiversity, clean air, water, energy and waste.

The actions can be taken by individuals, businesses and community groups, plus longer-term infrastructure changes are included. And all with the support of a new community organisation, proposed to be called Thame Green Living.

One of the projects that is already getting off the ground is to improve signage and information boards on existing – and new – walking and cycling routes around the town and extending this. The aim is also to establish ‘walking buses’ to schools to help reduce air pollution and boost children’s health.

Another project being explored is how to help households improve energy efficiency.

TGL will be encouraging Thame homeowners to make use of the just launched Green Home Grants Scheme to help reduce household energy bills – simply improving insulation can have a huge benefit for both the pocket and the environment.

And TGL is looking to support a ‘Solar Streets’ project initiative in the town soon, working with a renewable energy supplier and installer, to offer residents solar PV panels at bulk buy prices.  

Read the full Green Living Plan on the TGL website at, and follow TGL on Facebook and Instagram.