WheelPower workouts

The national charity for wheelchair sport is releasing 10 new online workouts aimed specifically at primary and secondary aged disabled children.

WheelPower aims for these videos to help parents and teachers with the provision of PE during Lockdown 3 and provide opportunities for disabled children to stay fit and healthy.

The charity’s mission is to transform lives through sport and physical activity and this has not changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since April 2020 WheelPower has released 25 home workout videos, hosted 47 live exercise classes and gifted over 220 sets of resistance bands to support disabled people to remain active from their homes.

The resources have helped many hundreds of disabled individuals across the UK and, through regular exercise, has helped them to maintain their health and wellbeing.

The 10 new workout videos will be split into two age groups. Five will be primary focused, and five secondary focused, and each comes with its own unique theme, meaning that every workout is different and varied.

The videos will be available on the WheelPower website and YouTube Channel and are free to use at any time. It has now released the first four of the series and Ella Beaumont has agreed to be the instructor.

Ella is a former GB wheelchair basketball player and throughout the pandemic has created fitness resources for disabled people to enjoy from their homes.

She is keen to help people with disabilities to stay active and has become well known online for her use of everyday household equipment within her routines.

Emily Weller, WheelPower Head of Sport, said: ‘Our new exercise videos are aimed at young disabled people and come at a time when children are at home and missing their PE classes at school.

‘These 10 workouts feature our instructor Ella, as she leads us through a series of exercises around a particular theme. Each workout is approximately 20 minutes long and they are all fully adaptable and inclusive, so all family members can join in the movements, too.’