Zipping to the future

A successful e-scooter trial in Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough is to be extended until 2026.

The Department for Transport is to continue its assessment and allow legislation to legalise them.

Steven Broadbent, the council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for transport, said: ‘Continuing the scheme means we will continue to offer a sustainable travel option to the local community, helping to reduce congestion.’

Continuation of the trial will help reduce the use of private e-scooters, which are still illegal to ride on pavements, roads or public spaces.

The scheme also supports the council’s promotion of sustainable low-carbon transport alternatives for shorter trips.

The e-scooter trial is managed at no cost to Buckinghamshire Council and operated by Zipp Mobility.

Mr Broadbent added: ‘The e-scooter trial has so far proved successful with a high level of usage, particularly among younger users.

‘To date, more than 327,000 trips covering more than 507,000 miles have taken place across the three trial areas.

‘A large proportion of these trips would have been made by car, and so enabling people to use e-scooters means we are also reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

‘The trials to date have, overall, had a strong safety record in Buckinghamshire.

‘This is due to us being able to control the Zipp e-scooters by limiting the areas they can be used in, limiting their speed and ensuring they have enhanced braking systems.

‘Where people misuse the permitted e-scooters then they are either reported to the police or have their account revoked. Extending the e-scooter rental trial will also help to minimise the use of private e-scooters by offering a safer and legal alternative.’

In Bucks, only Zipp Mobility e-scooters are legal on the road, pavement or in a public space. Riders of privately-owned e-scooters in these areas risk receiving a large fine, points on their driving licence, and the possibility of their e-scooter being seized.

Find out more about e-scooter use on the Thames Valley Police website.